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Futon Sofabed

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A stylish way to keep overnight guests off the floor, this futon sofabed project is ideal for do-it-yourselfers with lots of friends but little space. Anyone who's ever "slept" on the bars, springs and lumps of a standard sofabed will appreciate how quickly and easily the project goes from classic Mission-style sofa to firm, comfortable bed.

Built from standard oak and pine lumber, the project is simple enough for most woodworkers. Although careful measuring, cutting and fitting are required, most of the cuts are straight, and all of the curves are traced from full-size patterns.

For ease of construction, the sofabed is built from four main subassemblies–two slatted mattress platforms and two side pieces with arms. To build, trace the pieces onto wood and cut everything out, and sand. Next, bolt the four subassemblies together. Finally, apply finish of choice and add a full-size (75- by 54-inch) futon mattress.

The unit measures 86 inches long by 33 inches tall by 36 inches deep as a sofa; as a bed, it measures 86 inches long by 54 inches wide by 21 inches tall.

The Futon Sofabed plan (No. 850) includes step-by-step directions with photos, full-size traceable patterns, exploded diagrams, a shopping list and cutting schedule and a toll-free help line.