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Play Structure

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The perfect warm-weather project for do-it-yourselfers with kids or grandkids, this play structure has something for everyone. While kids see the obvious fort, treehouse, jungle gym, castle and pirate ship all rolled into one, grown-ups will appreciate the project's subtler aspects–namely, it's a safe, sturdy and creative place for kids to play, and it even looks nice.

The project's built-in ladder leads to a six-foot-square platform (about five feet off the ground) covered by a colorful canvas top. There's a smooth hardboard slide with a sandbox at the bottom, and another sandbox underneath the platform, in the shade.

The structure is built mostly from standard 4-by-4's, 1-by-8's and 1-by-6's, and requires only basic tools. Although it's not a small project, simple and sturdy post-and-platform construction keeps it within the scope of most woodworkers. And with similar play structures going for up to $2,000 in stores, do-it-yourselfers willing to put in the work will enjoy big savings.

The completed play structure stands a little more than 10 feet tall (at the peak of the gable).

The Play Structure plan (No. 839) includes complete step-by-step directions with photos, traceable patterns, construction diagrams, a shopping list and cutting schedule and a toll-free help line for project questions.