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Nativity Scene

Regular price $43.95

About U-Bild Outdoor Holiday Displays
These big, colorful posters are great for homes, schools, churches and shops.
Just glue onto plywood, cut out, apply polyurethane sealer and set up.

We regret to report that due to steeply increased costs we will not be printing the Nativity Scene this year. We have been offering this set for 60 years or more and it is a favorite in many families. We are trying to find better pricing but do not think we will be able to in time for the Christmas season.

We have decided that we will offer a complete set that is a mix between our latest printing and the one immediately before it. Although the texture of the paper will feel different out of the package, when glued up and finished these figures have the exact same appearance as they always have. The only noticeable difference is in the color matching with the camels, which is slight but noticeable.

As a result, we will be offering the set for $43.95, which is $16 off our regular price. We are selling these mixed sets as non-returnable, so please note that sales are final and we will not be able to offer refunds. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Printed on weather-resistant poster paper in bright, fade-resistant colors, the Nativity Scene includes 14 full-color figures that are approximately 2/3 life-size (the camels stand about five feet tall). It’s perfect for the yard, and makes a great display for parks, businesses, churches and schools.

Required materials include the posters, three sheets of plywood, waterproof glue, polyurethane and paint.