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Jer's Templates & Plans Provide the Do-It-Yourself Woodworker with...

  • Easy to follow full length templates
    with all angles and holes pre-located. This eliminates costly mistakes and the time required to figure out and transfer from plans.
  • Easy to follow cutting list
    that show which parts you make out of every piece you buy. Eliminates wasted material.
  • Easy to follow step-by-step assembly instructions
    with pre-numbered pieces allows your project to go together like a professional 's job.
  • Easy to use materials list
    lists all materials, eliminating wasted trips for missed materials.

How Jer's Template Plans Work


Lists all materials and eliminates wasted trips for missed materials. Uses common building materials available at most building material centers.

Children's Folding Adirondack Chair/Lounge
11/2" x 36"Round Dowel  
11/4" x 36"Round Dowel  
41/4" x 4"Lag Screws  
21/4" x 2"Carriage Bolts  
1 lb1 x 5/8"Deck Screws  
41/4" x 2"Machine Bolts  
61/4"Lock Washers  
11" x 6" - 12'   
21" x 6" - 8'   


2" x 4" - 4'   


This shows which parts you make out of every piece you buy and eliminates wasted material.


  • Template edge folds down to keep template square on lumber to be marked.
  • All pieces are full length. If your part is 12' long your template is 12' long.
  • All necessary hole locations and sizes are prefigured and on the template.

templateex.gif (15112 bytes)

  • All slots are diecut so you just mark all pieces and holes with pencil.
  • Number all parts as you go for ease of assembly.
  • Templates are made of 20 ga. Chipboard which is treated to help repel moisture which may be present in certain species of lumber.


The plans are designed to show you where to start, then take you through one step at a time. From start to finish each sub assembly comes first, then assemblies of all the subassemblies. Some people understand pictures, other people understand copy, so we did both similar to this layout.

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